The New WTC Health Program (WTCHP) I.D. Card
with Member's 911 I.D. # Listed on the Front

CLICK HERE for the enclosed NIOSH letter to members, which will be included in the mailing.

The letter explains the value of the WTCHP I.D. card, and also lists some of the WTCHP basic ground rules.

    The Card Will Be Helpful to Members:
  • When the member needs to fill a covered WTC prescription at a local pharmacy (i.e. starter script or fill-in script for a maintenance medication, a sleep med or codeine cough syrup script, or a controlled substance).
  • The back of the card provides the steps needed (Bin #, PCN, and Group #), which in combination with the member's WTC Plan I.D. #, will allow the pharmacist to process the prescription smoothly under the WTC Prescription Plan.
  • You may notice that the Group # listed on the card is WTC1020. This group # is interchangeable with WTCHP911, the Group # which has been used on the Temporary Proof of Benefits form.
  • Keep a supply of the Temporary Proof on hand, since the WTCHP I.D. card may not always make it into the member's wallet.
  • Also, please find attached an updated version of the WTCHP Temporary Proof of Benefits.
  • Down the road, if a member loses their WTCHP I.D. card, they can call the toll free national WTCHP phone number - (1-888) 982-4748.
  • The member's name will be put on a list, and will receive a replacement card the next time there is a printing of WTCHP I.D. cards. The current printing schedule - replacement WTCHP Member I.D. cards will be printed on a monthly basis.
If you have any questions about the WTC Health Program in general, contact us at 1-888-982-4748 or visit