Optical Benefits - (Effective July 1, 2016)

Click Here to read the letter sent to all members regarding Increased Optical, Hearing Aid and Cataract Benefits.

Active Members can submit a claim once a year; Retirees once EVERY OTHER year. Claims go by Calendar Year. For instance, a Retired member can use their optical coverage in August 2016, then again in January 2018.

The UFA allows ACTIVE members to claim up to $130 for optical benefits per calendar year - or EVERY OTHER year if you're retired.

The reimbursement rate is as follows: $30 for exam

$50 for frames
$50 for lenses
... or $100 for contact lenses (instead of glasses)

You can find an optical provider by entering your zip code below and it will show you who is near you. If there is none by your zip code, try going up one number or down one number for the zip code number.

Go to the provider, give them your info, and they will verify and generate your benefits electronically.

If you go to a provider that is *not* on the UFA list of providers, you would need to pay out of pocket and submit the ORIGINAL, ITEMIZED receipt for reimbursement.

If you choose to go to an optical provider who does not participate in our plan, you can pay up front, get an itemized receipt, and mail THE ORIGINAL to us for reimbursement. Be sure to include: 1) Your Name, 2) the Name of the Family Member using the benefit, and 3) the last 4 digits of YOUR Social Security Number. See above for reimbursement rates and make sure you keep copies of everything you send!

Please mail the itemized optical receipt to:
Security Benefit Fund of the UFA
204 East 23rd Street, 3rd Floor ATTENTION OPTICAL New York, NY 10010-4697

Please allow up to 4 weeks for optical claims to be processed and reimbursement checks to be mailed to you.