Notification of Death of a Retired Firefighter

Notification of a retired firefighter's death is made to the NYC Fire Department by calling 718-999-2320 or 718-999-2321 between 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday. On Weekends or after hours, please call FDNY Operations 718-999-7900.

Retirees have a life insurance policy in the amount of $6,000 with the FDNY Life Insurance Fund. This is the $9 deduction on your earnings statement listed as Fire Life.

Members who have retired after January 1, 1971 have a death benefit with the Security Benefit Fund (SBF) in the following amounts:

Up to age 49 $10,000
50 to 69 $5,000
70 and over $ 2,500

A claim for this benefit will be sent to your beneficiary when we receive notification of death.

Reimbursement for Medicare Part "B"

If you are receiving a City pension check and both you and your spouse are enrolled in a City health plan, you will be reimbursed for your Medicare part 'B" by the City of New York. You should send the following information to Employee Health Benefits. Make a copy of your Medicare card to show that you have both parts "A" and "B" and include the following information:

  • Birth dates for you and your spouse
  • Your retirement date
  • Your pension number
  • Name of your health plan
  • Name of your union

Send this information to:
Office of Labor Relations
Employee Health Benefits Program
40 Rector Street, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10006
Attn: Medicare Division

If you are in an HMO (Example HIP, AETNA, etc.) you must inform your health carrier that you are going on Medicare due to forms that need to be filled out with your health provider.

Notification of Change in Status

The Security Benefit Fund must be informed of any changes in your status. For example:

  • When you get married, we need a copy of the marriage certificate
  • When you become a new parent, we need a copy of the birth certificate
  • If you get divorced, we need a copy of the first and last pages of the divorce decree
  • When a spouse dies, we need a copy of the death certificate
  • When you move, please update your address with the SBF

To change your address with the NYC Fire Department or to make changes for direct deposit, please call pension and payroll at 718-999-2327.

Changing Health Plans

You can change health plans every other year during the even numbered years (2004, 2006, 2008, etc). The normal time to change is in November or December in order to take effect the following January. You may also change plans at anytime if you move out of your health plan service area. A change can occur outside the normal change period "once in a lifetime." If this option is used, you can only change during the allotted change-over period, or if you move out of your service area.

Changing Dental Plans

You may change dental plans each year between October 15th and December 15th. Most plan changes take effect on January 1st. Please call Security Benefits at (212) 683-4723 for assistance.

Correction: The wallet cards sent to retirees incorrectly list General Prescription as the drug carrier. The correct plan is PharmaCare, formerly EHS. They can be reached at 866-832-0563.