Seabury & Smith - Catastrophe Major Medical Insurance

Some accidents or major illnesses can leave you injured and may require extensive surgery, long-term hospitalization and perhaps home health care before you are fully recovered. If your health care bills go beyond your medical plan's cap, then you have to pay. A major illness or accident can easily deplete the benefits of a basic medical insurance plan. The Catastrophe Major Medical Plan pays when your basic health insurance plan has reached its limit, including Medicare. This plan is available to UFA members through the Insurance Administrator, Marsh Affinity Group Services, a service of Seabury & Smith (formerly Albert H. Wohlers & Co.) For more info, call 800-503-9230.

Benefit Features:

  • Helps pay up to 100 percent of all eligible expenses
  • Deductible can be satisfied with expenses paid by basic health insurance or out-of-pocket
  • Convalescent care and home health care coverage
  • Family coverage available