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For Immediate Release: October 15, 2008

NYC Firefighters Win 3.5 Percent Retroactive Wage Increases Dating Back to 2006 & 8.16 Percent Increase for 2008-2010 Contract Cycles

The Executive Board of the Uniformed Firefighters Association today announced that it has reached an agreement with the City of New York giving New York City Firefighters a 3.5 percent retroactive wage increase dating back to July 2006, as well as an 8.16 percent increase in base wages with additional monies for discretionary spending for the current 2008-2010 contract cycle.

"We are pleased to have gained not only an 8.16 percent raise for New York City Firefighters, but also 3.5 percent retroactive raise dating back to 2006," stated Steve Cassidy, UFA President. "This agreement better compensates firefighters for the dangerous and difficult job they do for all New Yorkers. Although the city could never afford to pay firefighters what they truly deserve, this is another step in the right direction."

During the 2006-08 contract cycle the UFA set the pattern. As part of that deal the UFA was able to obtain rock solid contract re-opener language, which also covered the previous contract (2004-06), mandating that if any other uniformed union negotiated or arbitrated a settlement at a higher rate, the firefighter contract would be renegotiated.

With this agreement two pending contract matters are resolved: 1) the re-opener clause for the 2004-2006 contract cycle, in effect increases the previous firefighter raise of 3 percent and 3.15 percent to 4.5 percent and 5 percent, retroactively to July 2006; 2) for the 2008-2010 contract cycle, firefighters will also see raises of 4 percent and 4.16 percent, plus additional discretionary monies to increase firefighter benefits.

Mr. Cassidy concluded, "I want to thank Mayor Bloomberg, Commissioner Hanley and his staff and the entire UFA Executive Board for having the resolve to get this done."

The UFA will now move forward with its contract ratification process. The first stage is a vote by the Executive Board, then battalion delegates, company delegates and finally the full membership. The full ratification process is expected to be completed on or about December 11.