Press Releases

For Immediate Release: August 18, 2009

Statement from Steve Cassidy, Uniformed Firefighters Association President on the Second Anniversary of the Deutsche Bank Tragedy

On the second anniversary of the Deutsche Bank tragedy, there still is no justice for the families of Firefighters Joseph Graffagnino and Robert Beddia. It is also clear that protecting firefighters is not a priority of the Scoppetta Administration.

The FDNY's own internal investigation into this fatal fire was a complete and total whitewash, and in the aftermath Commissioner Scoppetta scapegoated three fine officers and effectively absolved himself and his staff of their responsibilities.

Just two months before the Deutsche Bank tragedy the Fire Commissioner and his top staff responded to an earlier incident at the toxic skyscraper, stood on the roof of the damaged firehouse across the street and did nothing to insure that the building was inspected. Had the Commissioner and his staff done their job, Firefighters Joseph Graffagnino and Robert Beddia would be alive today.

Despite findings by both the Manhattan District Attorney and the Department of Investigation of mismanagement by the Commissioner and his top staff, leading to the deaths of these two fine firefighters, incredibly the Bloomberg Administration has failed to hold the FDNY leadership responsible, allowing Nick Scoppetta to remain Fire Commissioner.


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