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For Immediate Release: June 25, 2011

Statement from Steve Cassidy, UFA President on Budget Deal to Save 20 FDNY Companies from Closure

On behalf of New York City Firefighters and the citizens and communities we are sworn to protect, we would like to thank the Members of the City Council, led by Speaker Christine Quinn who working with the Mayor, found common ground and a means to save 20 FDNY companies being threatened with closure.

Closing any fire companies would have negatively impacted the safety of all New Yorkers. 2010 was the busiest year in the145-year the history of the FDNY and the last 7 years have broken previous emergency response records.

Over recent weeks New Yorkers came together at over 50 community rallies to save fire companies. This was clearly democracy in action as communities raised their voices and expressed just how much of a lifeline their local firehouse is. The Mayor and Speaker Quinn's announcement that the fire companies will not be cut shows that our city's leaders heard what their constituents demanded.

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