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For Immediate Release: May 20, 2008

Uniformed Firefighters Association Exercises Contract Re-opener Clause In Wake of Police Arbitration Ruling

UFA President Steve Cassidy and members of the UFA Executive Board announced today that the union is exercising the re-opener clause it negotiated in the last round of bargaining with the City of New York.

After review of the city announcement detailing the award granted to the PBA by a PERB arbitrator and signed off on by the City of New York, it is clear to the UFA that New York City Firefighters are eligible for a comparable wage increase for the 2004-06 contract cycle.

The re-opener clause was negotiated by the UFA during the 2006-08 periods when it went first and set the wage pattern in that round of negotiations.

The UFA has most recently been in the process of negotiating a 2008-2010 contract with the City of New York based on the current uniformed pattern. At this time it will suspend those discussions to focus on the 2004-06 cycle.

Steve Cassidy, UFA President said, "With the Mayor's announcement of the details of the latest PBA arbitration, the UFA will be going back to the table to renegotiate the 2004-2006 cycle, as guaranteed by the iron clad contract re-opener clause we negotiated in our most recent contract."

The mayor's own web site assessment of the PERB ruling shows the PBA broke the uniformed pattern.