Press Releases

For Immediate Release: May 15, 2007

Statement of Cassidy on Selling of Firehouses

"Firefighters are very concerned about the FDNY and DCAS selling off New York City's firehouses. In 2003 six companies were closed because the city had a budget crisis. Now it is time for common sense and the reopening of the firehouses versus the current fire sale to get rid of them.

With City Hall forecasting a population boom of 1-million by 2030 and 50-million tourists by 2010 we can not be reducing our emergency infrastructure as communities grow. To advocate for closing and selling firehouses is negligent at best.

In Brooklyn, the FDNY's own data supports how underserved the borough is. In 1956 total firefighter emergency responses there were 20,466; 50 years later in 2006 emergency calls to our firefighters have increased 700% to 138,683. During that same period the number of engine companies serving Brooklyn has DECREASED by 9, including 4 in closed May 2003. It just defies common sense to be auctioning off critical and structurally viable firehouses while up to 60,000 new housing units are planned for the Brooklyn waterfront.

It is obvious that the increase in demand for fire services is directly related to the population increase over the years, and it is preposterous to think that it will not continue. If the Mayor will not reopen these six closed companies, the next mayor will.

New York City Firefighters demand the city immediately halt any effort to auction off this critical emergency infrastructure, so they can be reopened and restored to the citizens and communities they protect."