Press Releases

For Immediate Release: May 2, 2011

Statement from the UFA Executive Board

On behalf of all New York City Firefighters we salute the men and women of the United States military for their incredible perseverance and dedication. Since shortly after the 9-11 attacks they have pursued these cowardly terrorists wherever they hide. While Bin Laden's death is a measure of justice, it still does not bring back the thousands of lives taken that day.

As we approach the 10th Anniversary of the attacks on our nation, New York City Firefighters have been weighed down heavily by the burden of the World Trade Center rescue effort. Not only did we lose 343 firefighters that day, but over 100, formerly healthy, young firefighters have since died from their toxic exposures at the site and many more continue to suffer from significant physical illnesses. No one should forget that New York City remains the #1 terrorist target in the world.