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For Release March 3, 2017

FDNY Firefighter Donates Vehicle to Fellow Victims with 9/11 Related Cancers

New York - Today, UFA member, and 9/11-cancer survivor, FF Jimmy Martinez used his personal funds to dedicate a van to fellow firefighters in need of medical care due to 9/11 related illnesses.

Martinez, who suffered from a rare - but serious - 9/11 related cancer, is now in remission and has been healthy for over one year. This morning he donated a van to the FDNY Fire Family Transport Foundation, which focuses on assisting families of firefighters in their times of greatest need, in transporting firefighters, family members and department personnel to and from medical institutions both for care and family support.

"I've had a lot of help and support throughout this," FF Martinez said. "Today I'm happy to pay it forward as this van will help a lot of people."

The Foundation is all-volunteer and depends on donations of equipment, funds and service to carry out its mission. Martinez is a member of E157 Ladder 80 Fire Station in Staten Island and was joined by several leaders of the NYPD and UFA along with numerous people throughout the Staten Island community.

"Jimmy Martinez bravely served New York City through its most terrible tragedy, the World Trade Center attack, also heroically served during Hurricane Sandy and countless other disasters, decided to give back to the Foundation that has helped him very dearly - The Fire Family Transport," said UFA Staten Island Trustee Eric Bischoff. "While he is now in remission from his own rare form of 9/11 cancer, he's continued to give back and has donated this wonderful vehicle to the Foundation. This is a true testament to his character as a great New York City Firefighter and great New Yorker."

Martinez's contribution to the FDNY Fire Family Transport Foundation is a sad reminder that New York City Firefighters and other first responders continue to suffer from the aftermaths of 9/11. More than 15 years after the tragic event, 126 firefighters and fire officers have passed away due to 9/11-related illnesses.

"This was such a great thing that Jimmy did today, personally donating a van for the good of his brother firefighters down the road is fantastic," said Mike Moog of the Fire Family Transport Foundation. "He has done a truly great thing."

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