Press Releases

For Immediate Release: February 18, 2009

Statement From Steve Cassidy, UFA President

It has been more than four years since Black Sunday when New York City Firefighters were forced to jump out of a fifth story window as a result of a building landlord's illegal and dangerous subdivision of an apartment building.

Today's ruling, although only a slap on the wrist sends a message to all the unscrupulous landlords in New York that it is illegal to partition off an apartment, creating SRO living conditions and expect to profit from it.

As result of these actions two New York City Firefighters are dead and three are permanently disabled because the landlords were determined to break the law, putting their profit before public safety.

It is sad that the other jury failed to acknowledge the criminal act of the tenants. New Yorkers can not turn a blind eye to dangerous SRO conditions that endanger and potentially kill civilians and firefighters alike.