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For Immediate Release: February 13, 2009

Black Sunday Trial Decision: Statement From Steve Cassidy, UFA President

It is an absolute disgrace that we are still lacking justice more than four years after Black Sunday when New York City Firefighters were forced to jump out of a fifth story window as result of a landlord's illegal and dangerous subdivision of an apartment building.

Two New York City Firefighters are dead and three are permanently disabled because of a landlord's greed and determination to break the law for profit.

Today's ruling sends a message to all the unscrupulous landlords in New York that it is perfectly ok to install illegal partitions and profit from it. It sends a message that if the illegal actions you are profiting from kill a firefighter; you are likely to get off with only a slap on the wrist.

New York City Firefighters are disgusted that our safety has been so easily disregarded in this case.