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For Immediate Release: February 11, 2011

Fatal Fire in Brooklyn Friday AM
Byproduct of FDNY Staff Reductions

A 3-Alarm fire this morning in a 4 story brick structure located at 1142 Lennox Road, Brooklyn has resulted in 1 civilian death, 1 civilian in critical condition and 7 New York City firefighters injured. Four of the first five engine companies arriving at the scene were the victims of last week's staffing reduction -from five firefighters down to four firefighters- by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The fire, which originated on the 2nd floor of the structure, grew exponentially to engulf parts of the 3rd floor.

"Reducing staffing levels in engine companies threatens civilian and firefighter lives, while in the long run, costing the city more than it saves. Today, one person lost their life, another is in critical condition and seven firefighters are hurt and countless are homeless in the wake of FDNY staff reductions mandated by the mayor," said Steve Cassidy, UFA president.

According to FDNY's own studies, it takes twice as long for engine companies staffed with 4 firefighters to begin putting water on a fire, as compared to an engine company staffed with 5 firefighters.

According to Brooklyn firefighters the reduced manpower on the engine companies today necessitated calling in more back up engine companies, as the ferocity of the fire grew. In total, 15 engine companies and 12 ladder companies battled the fire.

Firefighters injured included the first due Engine Company's nozzleman from Engine Company 283 who was burned while attacking the growing fire. Another firefighter from Engine Company 290 fell through the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor when he was caught in a collapse of the ceiling/ floor below him.

"Reducing engine company staffing by one firefighter doubles the time it takes to begin getting water on a fire and allows fires to double in size every minute. The mayor is playing Russian roulette with New Yorkers lives," said Mr. Cassidy.