Health & Safety: Safety Messages

February 6th, 2008

Safety Message #02 Winter Driving Rules

UFA Health and Safety Officer / Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Romaka wishes to remind the Membership to take their safety responsibilities seriously at all times. We will continue to highlight and remind our members of "safe actions" as spelled out by the Department. Stay well and stay safe!

At the conclusion of the FDNY Safety Bulletin #27, "Winter Driving Tips" is the following passage:

....Therefore, the three rules to be observed for winter driving are as follows:

1. Drive slower - You may suddenly encounter an icy patch on the road and need more distance than you figured to stop.

2. Stop by slowing down gradually. Give the driver behind a chance to stop if you can stop quicker than he can. Also this will help avoid a skid.

3. Be more alert ----- there are more hazards.

It is important to remember that it does not matter whether you are first due or third due; all emergency responses require a SAFE response. The Chauffeur will always be protected by responding safely!

Please refer to the full FDNY Safety Bulletin #27 and familiarize yourself with its content. Responding safely will always be in your best interest.

Health and Safety needs to remain an everyday part of your fire routine.


Stephen J. Cassidy

William Romaka
Sergeant-at-Arms/Health & Safety Officer