Health & Safety: Safety Messages

February 14th, 2018

Safety Message - Still Time For The Flu Shot

The flu has hit our department hard. Flu season runs through May. We would like to remind you that it is imperative to properly protect yourselves and your families.

We urge you to get vaccinated if you have not.

    There are several options to get your flu shot:
  • Walk into BHS between 8am - 1pm or call 718-999-1918 to schedule an appointment
  • Annual medical
  • At your scheduled WTC appointment

The use of the N95 mask and proper PPE are good safety procedures for ALL members who come in contact with people suspected of being ill.

Washing hands is the simplest and most effective way of preventing contamination. This can prevent transmission of the flu bug and other illnesses. In addition this will prevent unwanted ingestion or absorption of carcinogens from bunker gear and firefighting equipment.

Symptoms include sore throat, productive cough, body aches, fever and possibly pneumonia to name a few. If you have symptoms seek medical attention.

Michael Schreiber
Health & Safety Officer


Gerard Fitzgerald

Robert Eustace
Recording Secretary