Health & Safety: Safety Messages

January 3rd, 2008

Safety Message #01 Winter Operations/Safe Response

UFA Health and Safety Officer / Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Romaka wishes to remind the Membership to take their safety responsibilities seriously at all times. We will continue to highlight and remind our members of "safe actions" as spelled out by the Department. At a recent UFA/UFOA Labor/Management Meeting the Chief of Department recently showed his detachment from operations when he stated that, "A third day of Building Inspections might improve response times." Stay well and stay safe!

In the FDNY Regulations 13.1, it states the following:

13.3.13 When apparatus is out of quarters for any reason, except while responding to fires or emergencies, and cross links of snow chains break or become loose, officer in command of apparatus shall cause apparatus to stop immediately and have the condition corrected by removing loose or broken-links with bolt cutters. Undue damage to apparatus and possible injury to members or civilians may be caused by neglecting to do so. Chains shall be repaired upon return to quarters.

What is not said and deserves note is that the apparatus with chains should never exceed 30 MPH (please refer to the bag the chains are stored in) and you should never attempt to repair something you are not properly trained in!

Also, in A.U.C. 200, "Winter Operations", Section 4 "Cold Weather Operations" is the following:

4.3 Responding

4.3.1 Caution is required due to unseen frozen slicks on roadway. Avoid steep hills where a possible hazard might exist due to freezing. All members riding apparatus shall be alert to the dangers of other vehicles skidding out of control.

*Please refer to the full A.U.C. 200 and the FDNY Regulations and familiarize yourself with its content. Responding safely will always be in your best interest. Health and Safety needs to remain an everyday part of your fire routine.


Stephen J. Cassidy

William Romaka
Sergeant-at-Arms/Health & Safety Officer