Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As part of our effort to better educate delegates and members on firehouse Health & Safety issues, we've put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions. These are issues our office deals with on a daily basis. We thought we would try to put the information together in one document, so you have a guide and general sense of what to expect.

Frequent Calls to the UFA Health & Safety Office Include:

1. Health & Safety: Firehouse Information (Plumbing, Sewage, Maintenance, Nederman, other repair issues)
Anytime there is an issue related to the firehouse you must first inform the Officer on duty. The Officer will then call the Resource Center (Phone 917-722-3251, Monday to Friday 8 AM - 4 PM, after hours for emergency only) where the Officer will be given a work order number. After allowing a reasonable amount of time to address the situation, your Officer can then call up to see when the situation will be addressed or what more has to be done.

Should you feel the situation is of immediate concern, please make sure the above procedures have been followed, obtain the work order number and date it was called in, and then notify the Sergeant-At-Arms / Health and Safety Officer, Michael Schreiber. (212 683-4832)

If your firehouse needs a new appliance, you should follow the directions above, and have your Officer contact Joe Yung in Buildings (718-389-1968 or email

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2. Outstanding Medical Bills / Collections / Refinance / Credit Issues
The UFA strongly recommends that if you are planning on purchasing a house or refinancing your mortgage that you get a free copy of your credit report early in the process, so that you will have the opportunity to correct any errors that negatively impact your credit score.

Any of the three major credit reporting agencies will provide members with a FREE copy of their credit report once a year.

2a. I just got injured in the Line of Duty and transported to the Hospital. What do I do?
Do *NOT* provide the ambulance or hospital with your personal information (this includes *not* giving them your social security #). Give the address for FDNY HQ, 9 Metrotech, Brooklyn, NY 11201. Make sure that you ask your Company Officer for a copy of the CD72, and save this along with any receipts or bills you receive.

2b. I received a bill for a Line of Duty Injury and am not sure what to do with it.
Send a copy of the bill, along with a copy of the CD72, to the Health & Safety Office. Fax: 212-683-4768 or email Please call Erin O'Donovan at 212-545-6965 to confirm it was received.

2c. I received a collection notice but lost the bill. What can I do now?
You can contact the hospital or source of the billing issue.
Get a free copy of your credit report (see above) to make sure that this bill is not negatively affecting your credit rating. If it is, contact the hospital billing department or company mentioned on the credit report to find out how it can be resolved. It may require getting another copy of the original bill, and again, sending a copy (with the CD72) to the UFA Health & Safety Office. Our fax number is 212-683-4768.

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3. Body Scan
UFA Health & Safety Officer, Michael Schreiber wishes to remind members that the UFA has an agreement with Inner Imaging to provide a discounted rate to active and retired NYC Firefighters and their families for a body scan. The agreement provides confidential screening which consists of two tests - a scan of the heart/lungs and a blood test. The scan is normally $750 but is being offered to UFA members at a greatly reduced rate of $375. To make an appointment, or for further information, you can reach Inner Imaging at 212-777-8900 or check out their website

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4. Heart / Lung Institute
UFA Health & Safety Officer, Michael Schreiber is pleased to present FDNY members with a Health & Safety Training Session.

Rob Brown, a Physician Assistant and active NYC Firefighter, will be discussing issues important to the health & safety of *all* members of the NYC Fire Department.

Some issues he will touch upon include: Cardiac, Pulmonary Health, Asthma, Reactive Airway, PTSD/Counseling/Job Stress, Respiratory Protection, Heat & Cold Stress, Back Strains and Sprains, Medical Office/LODI, Personal Protective Equipment, etc... among others...

Rob Brown is a Physician Assistant (RPA-C) and Founder/Director of the NY Firefighters Heart and Lung Institute. The office is located at 1165 Northern Blvd suite 400 Manhasset, NY 11030. Please call (516) 869-5277, mention that you're a firefighter, and make an appointment to meet with Rob Brown. Rob is an active Lieutenant in Brooklyn.

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5. Retirement Questions
The UFA generally recommends that any member considering retirement have a series of diagnostic tests performed prior to submitting paperwork. It is also advisable to max out your life insurance BEFORE any diagnostic tests are done.

Diagnostic tests suggested include: blood work (from your personal doctor), heart scans (see #4), body scans (see #3), and....

Any members considering retirement should also contact Al Connelly at FDNY HQ (718-999-2325), as well as Lou Sforza (212-683-4832) at the UFA, before any paperwork is submitted. These men have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Be guided by their instructions.

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6. WTC Medical Monitoring Questions
The WTC Medical Monitoring & Treatment Program is an incredible benefit for all members who were present at Ground Zero on 9/11 or shortly thereafter. This program is now part of your yearly annual medical. Retired members can set up appointments by calling 718-999-1858. Active members on light duty or off the chart who wish to schedule a medical should call 718-999-0221.

This program is unique for all 9/11 responders because it was established almost immediately after 9/11 for members of the FDNY. Further, the FDNY program offers the advantage of having previous medical history for all members (via their annual medicals) so we have the benefit of comparing information learned.

This program has been instrumental in establishing new funding for all WTC responders, a pharmaceutical program for WTC responders, and so many other benefits. Please encourage all members who are eligible for this program to participate. If you want more information, you can go or Click Here.

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7. Cancer Diagnosis
If you have been diagnosed with Cancer, please know that the union will be as supportive as you wish during your treatment. All of our members should know that they are NOT ALONE during their battle.

The UFA has been active in promoting cancer awareness for all members, through articles in Firelines, in 65-2s, and even hiring a Nurse Practitioner (ANP-BC Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center), Kristen O'Hagan, to speak with members at their firehouses. These Cancer Awareness programs are sponsored through a grant from the NYS Hazard Abatement Board (Department of Labor). If you would like to arrange for Kristen to speak at your firehouse, please contact Tony Caracciolo at 646-839-6513 or email him at span class="ulink">

The UFA is working in conjunction with FDNY Headquarters in creating a database of members who are diagnosed with cancer. Please note that this database can only be used to benefit all members, as the incidence of cancer rises and becomes a greater concern to current, past and future firefighters. For that reason, we encourage members who are diagnosed with any form of cancer to notify FDNY Headquarters. The contact person at FDNY is Nadia Jaber. She can be reached at 718-999-1223 or via email at

The UFA Health & Safety Office has also produced a separate handout of Support Services that are available to our members who are diagnosed with Cancer. It has some very important information on it. If you need an additional copy of it, you may contact the Health & Safety Office at 212-683-4832 or 212-545-6965. It can also be found HERE.

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8. Special Training Requests
The UFA is also able to provide special Firehouse Training sessions, also through our NYS Hazard Abatement Board (Department of Labor) Grant. Our Field Safety Representative, Tony Caracciolo, is available to speak with members of your firehouse. Sessions usually last between 1-2 hours. Any delegate interested in arranging Firehouse Training Sessions can make arrangements with Tony Caracciolo by calling him at 646-839-6562 or email him at

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9. Apparatus Issues
Your Company Officer should call Fleet Services and take a mark in the book. If it affects the health & Safety of our members, you should also contact the UFA Health & Safety Office at 212-545-6965.

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10. I'd like to change my benefits, add/drop a dependent, change my address
The Health & Safety Office deals with health & safety of firefighters in the field. We do not generally deal with benefit issues. Those requests are best handled by the Security Benefit Fund (SBF). They can be reached at 212-683-4723. Many of these benefit questions can also be answered through the UFA Website - HERE.

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11. Have more questions? Contact Us!

Michael Schreiber - Sergeant-at-Arms/Heath & Safety Officer
Phone #: 212-683-4832

Erin O'Donovan - Program Manager/Grant Director
Phone #: 212-545-6965

Tony Caracciolo - Field Representative
Phone #: 646-839-6513

Not sure who to contact?
Just call 212-683-4832, 212-545-6965 or email

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