Fire Lines

Firefighter Matthew Long Critically Injured

Firefighter Matthew Long of Ladder Company 43 was critically injured on December 22nd when he was struck by a bus on 3rd Avenue at 52nd Street in Manhattan. The early morning accident occurred when Matt was riding his bicycle to the FDNY Training Academy where he is currently detailed to the FDNY Fitness Unit. He suffered numerous injuries, including a fractured leg, crushed pelvis, and internal bleeding and was transported to New York Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center where he remains in critical condition.

Long, a 12-year veteran, has undergone a number of surgeries and is taking the necessary small steps needed towards recovery. He has a large contingent of family, friends, and firefighters who have remained at the hospital offering their support since the time of the accident. Among those joining his parents at his side are his two firefighter brothers; Jimmy (Ladder 16 - assigned to Press Office) and Eddie (Engine 69), along with his six other siblings.

According to his doctors, Matt's excellent physical and mental condition provided the means to survive where many others would not. Matt is an avid participant in triathlons and marathons. In 2005, he competed in the New York City Marathon (as pictured in above photo) and the Lake Placid Triathlon, among other races.

The trauma he suffered required him to receive a large amount of blood through transfusions and has highlighted how crucial it is to donate blood. The Long family has asked anyone who would like to support Matt, to do so by giving blood.

In the recent weeks since his injuries occurred, a number of blood drives have taken place in his honor. There have been drives at his businesses in Manhattan, at the various NY Blood Center locations and the UFA Offices. These have produced hundreds of pints of blood for the New York Blood Center. Future blood drives are planned as well. We will publicize these events through our 65-2's and website when the information comes in to us.

We wish him a speedy recovery and our thoughts and prayers are with the Long Family during this difficult time.