Cassidy: Firehouse Closure List Already Set

NY 1 - June 09, 2010

Firefighters Union President Stephen Cassidy says the city's fire commissioner knows which fire houses he plans to close, but isn't saying.

The city plans to shutter 20 firehouses in an effort to save about $40 million.

Last week, Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano told a City Council hearing that he had not yet determined which houses would be closed, but promised to have that list soon.

Appearing on Tuesday's edition of "Inside City Hall," Cassidy said Cassano isn't releasing the list because he's still hoping he won't have to.

"I believe he is hoping that the City Council will find the funding to restore the cuts. And if that's the case, why put this information out, and target those 20 communities. Because once you have a bullseye on your back, it's there forever," Cassidy said. "The four companies that they mentioned last year, they know who they are, they have to assume they're at the top of the list this year."

The New York City Fire Department also plans to reduce staffing in 60 companies from five firefighters to four.

Call boxes will also be eliminated, saving the city another $6 million.