65-2 #01 January 03, 2006

Retro Pay Clarification

The N.Y. City Office of Labor Relations has clarified that your entire 4-year compounded pay raises will be implemented and included in your January 27 paycheck. This check will also include all 3.15% compounded retroactive pay due covering the period 8/1/05 - 1/7/06 (regular gross, night shift, all OT, chauffeur & CFR-D differential) and holiday pay for the period 7/05 - 12/05. The February 10 check will include all 3% compounded retro pay due covering the period 8/1/04 - 7/31/05. The February 24 check will include all 5% compounded retro pay due covering the period 6/1/03 - 7/31/04. The March 10 check will include all 5% retro pay due covering the period 6/1/02 - 5/31/03. Retro for Holiday Pay and additional Uniform Allowance has not yet been scheduled.

-URGENT!!!: It is important to note that your Deferred Comp (457 & 401k) percentage adjustment needs to take place by 1/6/06 (using your PIN) to have it take effect for the 1/27 paycheck. Refer to 65-2 Fax #114 of 2005 for Deferred Comp adjustment deadlines for the other 3 retro checks, and additional Deferred Comp info.

-FF, FM & Wiper Rate Charts: Per the FDNY Payroll Unit, pay charts for all grades of UFA members for each year’s pay increase will be available on the FDNY Intranet shortly, which can only be accessed via your officer’s computer. You can view and output charts showing your base, longevity, night shift, OT, holiday and hourly rates. Use these charts to determine and verify your retroactive pay due for each year of the contract by subtracting what you actually were paid prior to January 27, 2005 from what you should have earned in accordance with the new rate charts. The difference will be the retroactive amount of pay you are due. Each member’s retro amounts will be unique, depending on your hire date/grade, the amount of OT earned and other differentials such as chauffeur and


Stephen J. Cassidy

Joseph A. Miccio
Recording Secretary