65-2 #06 January 17, 2006

FDNY Threats - Setting it Straight

The following are excerpts from various sources regarding the Department’s threat to “lift” officers. Although the threat is directly aimed at officers, the FDNY’s hostility besmirches the integrity of the greatest Firefighters in the world. The Commissioner’s intimidation tactics will not work on New York City’s Firefighters. Once the Commissioner’s threats were publicly exposed, the Department orchestrated a game of “We didn’t say that.” See for yourself...
From UFOA January President’s Report

“A Battalion Commander in the Bronx has been "lifted" due to alleged "poor performance."”

“On January 6 the Commissioner decided to scapegoat one Bronx battalion chief, with a promise of wholesale transfers by the end of January if he doesn't have his way.”

“Six members of the UFOA Executive Board met with Commissioner Scoppetta and his Staff Chiefs on Tuesday, January 10. Very politely, very firmly, Commissioner Scoppetta threatened to go to war with the UFOA if response times to Structural Fires did not come down significantly by the end of January. He threatened to transfer as many as eight chiefs and a captain if the response time results did not meet his expectations (which he did not specify).
From NY Daily News 1/12/06

"If we don't see improvement, people are going to be held accountable," a top FDNY official told the Daily News. "The threats have worked when they have been applied to various levels."
From Today’s Chief-Leader

“The union filed a grievance over the transfer, saying it was done without due process. But, Mr. Gorman said, Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta promised even more officer "lifts" if response times didn't experience a sudden drop by the end of January.

FDNY spokesman Frank Gribbon said in a phone interview Jan. 12 that there had been a misunderstanding between the department and the union.

"No decisions have been made about any further action. We want to look at the numbers at the end of the month, and the department will meet with the UFOA and then decide what, if any, actions to take," he stated.”
Instead of Frank Gribbon stating that there is a “misunderstanding” between the Department and Union, why doesn’t Commissioner Scoppetta admit he was wrong?


Stephen J. Cassidy

Joseph A. Miccio
Recording Secretary