65-2 #18 March 07, 2006


UFA Health and Safety Officer / Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Romaka wishes to remind the Membership to take their safety responsibilities seriously at all times. We will continue to highlight and remind our members of “safe actions” as spelled out by the Department. Stay well, and stay safe!

The FDNY Safety Bulletin #74, “Daily Safety Messages” uses the following messages as examples:

  • The best response is a safe response. Time is important but arrival is essential.
  • Officers and chauffeurs – don’t assume that drivers will automatically yield the “right of way” to emergency apparatus. Drive defensively. 

  • Officers and chauffeurs are reminded to slow down before the intersection, not in it. Drive defensively.

  • When approaching an intersection, be alert for the “other driver” who may fail to see the approaching apparatus or fail to hear audible signals or become confused and commit driving errors. Drive defensively.

  • Officers and chauffeurs – Look out for changing lights. Play it safe. Be able to stop before the intersection.

  • Protect yourself while operating – wear your protective hood, helmet ear flaps down, chin strap properly engaged, bunker coat collar up and secured by neck strap.
**Please refer to FDNY Safety Bulletin #74 to familiarize yourself with its full content that leads to the conclusion, “Firefighter Health and Safety is a #1 Priority.”

Sergeant-at-Arms/Health & Safety Office
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