65-2 #20 March 31, 2006


On Sunday April 2nd the Department plans to conduct a mutual aid drill between FDNY units in Queens and Brooklyn and various volunteer companies from Nassau County. The drill will begin at 1000 hours and run through 1200 hours. During this time, our members are expected to instruct the volunteer units in the familiarization and operation of our equipment and apparatus, as well as the quarters in which we house such equipment. Members of the UFA are in NO WAY OBLIGATED to follow orders from anyone other than FDNY Lieutenants, Captains, and Chief Officers. You are not instructors and should not be held responsible for teaching Long Island Firefighters how to do the job of a New York City Firefighter. In addition, being asked to operate unfamiliar equipment poses a safety risk to those involved.

If any problem should arise in which you feel that you are being ordered to go above and beyond your job description, you should take a mark and bring the problem directly to your company officer or chief officer. Rely on their leadership in order for any concern to be properly addressed.

However, if an order is given you must obey it.

The UFA and UFOA support the notion of increasing our preparedness by providing the citizens of New York with proper fire protection. The best way to accomplish this is the immediate re-opening of closed fire companies and placing 5 firefighters on all Engine Companies at all times.

Any UFA member found to take part in this joint exercise as a member of a Volunteer Company will be in violation of Article XVI, Section 3 of the UFA Constitution and be subject to expulsion from the Uniformed Firefighters Association.


Stephen J. Cassidy

Joseph A. Miccio
Recording Secretary