'Black Sunday' Survivor To Organize Blood Drive

Lower Hudson Online - December 23, 2009

by James O'Rourke

ELMSFORD - Jeffery Cool walked into the Hudson Valley Blood Services building Tuesday to begin paying back the organization that kept him alive.

Cool, a retired New York City firefighter from Pomona, is organizing a blood drive on Jan. 2 and held a press conference with Hudson Valley Blood Services to discuss the severe blood shortage that occurs every holiday season.

On Jan. 23, 2005, a day the FDNY has come to call "Black Sunday," Cool was one of six firefighters to jump from the fourth floor of a burning Bronx building. The fall killed two of the firefighters, but Cool and three others survived despite suffering severe injuries.

Cool broke 13 ribs, shattered his pelvis, cracked bones in his neck and spine, and fractured his cranium. While working to mend his injuries, physicians used 47 units of donated blood to keep him alive.