New FDNY Boss Goes High-Tech

NY Post - December 23, 2009


Incoming Fire Commissioner Sal Cassano plans to push for a more tech-savvy FDNY, starting with a LoJack-type device capable of locating firefighters trapped in burning buildings.

Cassano, who will become the city's 32nd fire boss, told The Post that the FDNY has teamed up with the military and private companies to create electronic equipment that can transmit even in a burning skyscraper.

"Our vision is technology, and using it as the best way to save lives," he said.

The 40-year veteran wants an "electronic command board" that automatically tracks the whereabouts of every company and truck in the city -- a problem exposed on 9/11, when the FDNY had little idea where its troops were.

He also wants to have digital blueprints available for firefighters before they arrive at a burning structure.