65-2 #33 June 08, 2006

Stroke Presumption: ACTION ALERT!!!!

All firefighters and their families need to call City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to urge her to put the Stroke Bill on the Council Agenda. As of this morning it had yet to be put on. The more phone calls we make, the better chance we have of putting it on the agenda. In addition, you can also fax a letter to the below number. Time is of the essence. If you live in NYC and especially in her district (Hells Kitchen, Chelsea, Greenwich Village), it is imperative that you take this action.

Phone: (212) 788-7210, Fax: (212) 788-7207

***You will not get the Speaker so you should leave a message.***


My name is FF____________. I am calling to ask Speaker Quinn to allow SLR 105, The Firefighters Stroke presumption bill to be put on the committee agenda for this Monday June 12th and be passed by the Council on June 13. This is an important bill for NYC Firefighters and their families. As you are aware Firefighting is an ultra hazardous and extremely dangerous occupation. Tremendous stress is put on a firefighter's body. There is documented medical evidence that proves firefighters have strokes at a rate that is much higher than the general population. In addition the Federal Government recognizes strokes as an occupational hazard for firefighters.

I am urging Speaker Quinn to support this legislation and to do the right thing for NYC Firefighters and our families. Without her support many families of firefighters will not be protected in the future.

Thank you for your time."


Stephen J. Cassidy

Joseph A,. Miccio
Recording Secretary