65-2 #35 June 12, 2006

Urgent: Medical Lift Forms Deadline June 20th!!!

To any lifted members who have not yet returned your 'Testimony' form and 'Medical Record Release' form: they will not be accepted by the arbitrator if they are received at the UFA after 12 noon on June 20th. Recording Secretary Joe Miccio and the UFA legal team will be reviewing all records the Dept reviewed in considering the lifts. Whether testifying or not, the UFA needs all lifted members to return the 'release forms' IMMEDIATELY (even if already sent back to original companies) -----otherwise we will not be able to review the data. A letter and forms were sent several times to all members who were lifted.

Each Delegate is strongly urged to personally request each lifted or previously lifted member assigned to or detailed to his company to return the following forms:

1."Medical Leave Record Release" form (must be notarized), from all lifted members. Fax the form to 212-683-4359 by June 20 at 12 noon, then mail the original to:

Joseph Miccio, Recording Secretary
Uniformed Firefighters Association
204 East 23rd Street, 5th floor
New York, NY 10010

2. "Testimony" form, if willing to testify. Fax to 212-683-4359 by 12 noon, June 20th.

This is not just about those it impacts now. The UFA believes this practice by the Department is a deceptive way of punishing firefighters for aggressively doing their jobs. Our objective is to end this practice----now and for every firefighter in the future! The UFA will never back down in its efforts to defend our members' rights.


Stephen J. Cassidy

Joseph A,. Miccio
Recording Secretary