New York Firefighters Hand Out Toys - December 04, 2009

by April Douglas, Mike Jernigan

BAYOU LA BATRE, Ala. - New York City firefighters continued their gift-giving tour. For five years, FDNY has been making the trek south with toys for local children.

Truck load after truck load are brought from the Empire State to the Bayou. Each truckload is filled with toys, food and clothing.

"9/11 the whole country helped us, plus there's a need. It's good to share. Payback and share. Do the right thing," said one firefighter.

Acting as Santa's helpers, these New York Firefighters are spreading holiday cheer box after box.

The jolly group has made several trips to Bayou La Batre over the years. Bayou La Batre Fire Chief John Wiggins said after Katrina, these trips mean ever more.

"Really a blessing, got a lot of people that haven't recovered here yet," said Chief Wiggins.

Volunteers said seeing the kids faces light up is what the season is all about.

"For whatever reason, they're not living with mom or dad and you get to see them be happy for just a little while," said volunteer Daphne German.

Chief Wiggin said without the generosity of these firefighters, a lot of people in the Bayou wouldn't have anything to open this Christmas.

The firefighters spent Wednesday in Daphne and are heading to Mississippi Friday.