New York Alters 911 System After Denying Problem Exists - November 21, 2009

After numerous deaths and a steady stream of criticism the City of New York is finally altering their one billion dollar 911 call system to allow fire dispatchers to talk to callers. This move, which should have been standard, runs counter to the defense put up by Mayor Bloomberg and his fire commissioner.

FDNY firefighters have complained about the system because fire dispatchers weren't able to talk to 911 callers as they had in the past. This move, outrageously stupid, resulted in several high profile incidents where the bravest responded to the wrong locations.

Now the skilled FDNY communications dispatchers can ask callers the correct questions and get units the necessary information.

Just recently three people, including two children, died in a Brooklyn fire and firefighters pointed to the hyped system as being a factor.

Now on a Friday- the slowest day in the news cycle- the city moves to correct the problem.