FDNY Firefighters Deserve Better 911 System

FirefighterHourly.com - November 21, 2009

Firefighters in New York City are among the best in the world. A history of sacrifice and heroism allows New Yorkers to feel safer because the bravest are ready to answer their calls for help 24 hours a day.

It's logical to state citizens need a modified 911 system. They foot the bill for public safety and everything else in New York. However, FDNY's bravest also deserve a system that allows them to get to calls with as much information as possible.

This wasn't a concern until the Bloomberg Administration. The new billion dollar 911 system began allowing the 911 operators at NYPD to talk to callers. This cut out the vital interaction between the borough communications experts and the person needing help. All done in order to artificially reduce response times.

People lost their lives, firefighters were exposed to greater danger because they were arriving later, out of order and with fires having longer burn times. Rescues became more difficult because seconds count. Information critical to the incident wasn't available because units were (and still are) sent toward the call without necessary information. Once again to bring down response numbers that allowed the city to possibly close firehouses.

Citizens deserve better. So do firefighters.