65-2 #47 August 23, 2006

Interagency Tram Drill & NIMS Training and Testing on OT

On Thursday Aug. 24, the Fire Department will be participating in an inter-agency drill to be held at the Roosevelt Island Tram in the Borough of Manhattan. To ensure our units are at the drill site promptly the Department requested our members report early. Since this is outside the contractual obligation of our workchart, the UFA negotiated with the Department to pay members 1 hour overtime and they must report to their units by 0800hrs on Thursday Aug. 24. The Dept acknowledges that no Firefighter is required to come in early but if they choose to do so they will be paid the 1 hr O.T.

Fire Units: Queens Borough Command: Two Deputy Chiefs with aides - DC-14, DC-21; Two Battalion Chiefs with aides: BC-49, BC-72; One Ladder Company L-117. Manhattan Borough Command: Two Deputy Chiefs with aides - DC-3, DC-20; Two Battalion Chiefs with aides - BC-8, BC-71; One Ladder Company L-14. Special Operations Command: Two Rescue Companies - R-1, R-4; Two Squad Companies - SQ-18, SQ-288. Marine Division: Marine 6 & Marine 9.

2. NIMS Training and Testing on OT

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has mandated that all members be trained and become aware of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) National Response Plan. All Firefighters must complete course IS- 700. If the FDNY does not comply, they will lose future DHS grant funding. The Department had intended to administer these courses and required tests during the company drill period. The UFA and UFOA met jointly with Chief of Department Cassano to request this required training be done on overtime, as this will ensure uninterrupted training and keep all companies in service.

The IS-700 course materials and the Incident Command System Orientation- (Module 1) manuals are being distributed to all Firefighters. The program is to be completed during one 3-hour overtime period at the end of a tour. The Department wants to complete the exams by Aug. 31st; any member who was on medical, vacation or any other approved leave, and thereby missed taking the exam, should upon their return be given the exam.

Members on Light Duty or in off-line positions will be given the course during their normal work schedule. Light duty and off-line members can receive the training on overtime if approved by Bureau Heads and Borough Commands. Consult your Officer on this issue.


Stephen J. Cassidy

Joseph A. Miccio
Recording Secretary