FDNY Brass Hit For Ducking Building Check That Became Mandatory After Deutsche Bank Fire Tragedy

NY Daily News - November 18, 2009

by Jonathan Lemire

The FDNY disciplined two captains and two lieutenants for failing to perform building inspections that became mandatory after two Bravest were killed in the 2007 Deutsche Bank blaze.

The officers left their firehouses for inspection late, returned too early, and even stopped to do some shopping, the FDNY charged.

"Inspectional activity is a crucial part of the job for firefighters and fire officers," said Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta.

"Failure to diligently perform this work is a dereliction of duty that will not be tolerated."

The Fire Officers union defended the four - Lt. Edward McNulty of Ladder 152, Capt. Patrick Gleason of Ladder 45, Capt. Gregory Wellbrock of Engine 93 and Lt. George Faller of Ladder 32 - saying lack of training was to blame.

"We respectfully request the training and tools necessary for the Building Inspections program to move from charade to functional program effectively serving needs of citizens," said Al Hagan, head of the Uniformed Fire Officers Association.