65-2 #48 August 25, 2006


UFA Board has discovered that the FDNY Time Keeping Unit encountered some problems with scanning TRPs utilizing its new system, which will affect the August 25th paycheck. It is estimated that about 200 members will receive Commissioner's Checks. (One easily correctable cause of the problem is leaving blank lines between TPR entries. Your Officer should use the top line for the first TPR entry and enter each successive mark in the line immediately below it.) Members who receive Commissioner's Checks who use direct deposit will not have their FDNY pay automatically deposited into their checking accounts. It is critically important that all members who use direct deposit contact their on-duty company officers this afternoon/ evening to verify if they have received a Commissioner's Check. On-duty members are strongly advised to inspect the paycheck envelope this afternoon/ evening and IMMEDIATELY contact any off-duty members of their units who are issued a Commissioner's Check!!! Any members receiving a Commissioner's Check must manually deposit it to ensure a positive account balance. Members who receive a Commissioner's Check and believe their OT is not properly reflected should submit a payroll inquiry, and not call Uniform Payroll.

This will ensure the quickest resolution. Uniform Payroll expects that this problem will be rectified for the September 8th paycheck.


Stephen J. Cassidy

Joseph A. Miccio
Recording Secretary