FDNY: Burn Injuries Dropped Nearly 30%

Chief Leader - November 17, 2009

by Ari Paul

The Fire Department Nov. 9 announced that the firefighter burn injuries were down 29 percent, to 252 from 354, compared to last year.

Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta, who will step down at the end of December after eight years, credited a video presentation on how to minimize burn injuries and training programs at firehouses that focus on the use of protective equipment.

"Firefighter safety is our top priority and this program seeks to foster a culture of safety for our frontline personnel," he said in a statement. "With the many dangers that firefighters face, we must continually provide training that keeps them focused on protecting themselves as they work to protect others."

The department said that the latest figure was a record low, with the highest number of burn injuries in a year being 1,226 in 1994, the year before firefighters were issued bunker gear.