New York Firefighters Know Dispatch System Is Broken - November 09, 2009

Despite the statements to the contrary by city officials firefighters who actually respond to calls are upset because the dispatching system used to artificially shave time off response statistics is sending firefighters to the wrong addresses. Michael Bloomberg and other city brass can't admit there's a problem.

Three people perished as firefighters were heading to the wrong address but a Mayoral spokesmen, in callous fashion, pointed out the lack of smoke detectors and poor wiring:

"In the scheme of errors that contributed to three people dying, these are probably more significant," he said. (New York Times)

Really? When firefighters arrived they could hear a victim yelling for help. Since the closest fire station was just a couple of blocks away, and firefighters headed in the wrong direction due to a billion dollar communication system fiasco, perhaps the spokesmen should stick to topics of which he has some knowledge.

Perhaps the real issue here is the fact that this didn't occur in one of the wealthier enclaves of New York City. Had this happened in many neighborhoods investigations would be underway but the people who perished don't show up on social registers.

Firefighters are being asked to more with less and now on top of everything the bravest have to deal with each tour, they also have a communications system making "errors." These errors have cost lives.