Deutsche Demolition To Resume in Days

NY Daily News - November 03, 2009

by Douglas Feiden

Demotion resumes this week on the toxic and troublesome Deutsche Bank Tower - where lax safety rules and missed inspections contributed to the deaths of two firefighters.

The original 2005 dismantling date has been pushed back at least five times, and demolition costs have soared to $274 million from $45 million, officials said.

"I'll believe it only when I see it - or rather, when I don't see that black hulk anymore from out my living room window," said Amy Ryan, a Wall Street analyst who lives three blocks away.

The 40-story tower, damaged on Sept. 11, 2001, had been taken down to 26 floors when an Aug. 18, 2007, fire that killed two firefighters halted work.

A standpipe designed to push water to the upper floors in a fire was dismantled and the FDNY failed to make mandated inspections. Officials have since spent two years stripping the building of potential toxins.

Contractor Bovis Lend Lease used a crane to move equipment to the building's roof yesterday, the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. announced. The city has issued demolition permits and work is expected to resume within days.

LMDC President David Emil declined to say when the demolition will be finished. Port Authority Executive Director Chris Ward said he was told the job will be completed by September 2010.