65-2 #68 November 03, 2006

Special Parking Placard Issue

UFA Placards for UFA Membership Use Only!
Use of UFA parking placards by unauthorized persons only diminishes the respect given to each member's vehicle when parked near FDNY facilities for official purposes. Non-firefighters with UFA Placards have been arrested for impersonating a firefighter. What you may perceive as a friendly gesture, may be viewed by a police officer as illegal. When approached by non-firefighters you should simply explain the negative consequences of false impersonation.

  • Getting Placards: The only way for members to get a Placard is through their Company Delegate. Delegates must contact their Borough Trustee, not the Recording Secretary, if additional placards for members are needed. Each Trustee maintains a number block of placards which is assigned to that specific borough.
  • Detailed Members: Delegates should call members of your company who are 'detailed' to other locations to inform them that only their permanently assigned company has their placards, as detailed members are accounted for that way in the UFA system. They should pick placards up from you.
  • Battalion Aides: must contact the Engine Company Delegate in their assigned house for placards.
  • Fire Marshals: FM Placards are distributed only by the Fire Marshal Representative to FM Delegates.
  • Return Your Placard # List to UFA: Delegates must record placard number assignments and fax (or mail) the provided company member list to the Recording Secretary's office, ATTN Joe Miccio at 212-683-4359 (or 212-683-0710 if the first line busy) no later than 12/31, noting the placard permit #s given to each member, and company roster changes. Delegate must keep a copy for records.
  • !!! Lost Placard Replacement: If a placard is lost or stolen, insure that member files a complaint report with the PD where it was lost/stolen. This is required before a replacement placard is issued by the UFA .

Law Enforcement Issues
Due to a high number of law enforcement incidents in prior years involving counterfeit UFA placards and unauthorized persons acquiring legitimate placards, security features were introduced. These features help ensure OUR vehicles are afforded every legal courtesy by law enforcement and traffic agents in respecting firefighter vehicle parking privileges near quarters, which is the only legal entitlement provided by our placards, in accordance with our Collective Bargaining Agreement. Each placard is embossed with a reflective gold foil UFA logo, which makes it impossible to reproduce with color printers or copiers. All placards have a unique permit number. Any use by unauthorized persons can be traced back to the original person it was issued to for law enforcement verification.

Distribution at Union Meeting to Delegates
Parking placards will be distributed at the November Union meeting by your Borough Trustee to each Company Delegate, two per company member. Delegates must sign for the package, which includes a company member list, a return envelope and change of address form. After Delegates assign placards to company members on the list, they must fax (or mail) their company member placard assignment list (with roster permanent member name corrections) to the UFA Recording Secretary's office, ATTN Joe Miccio, fax 212-683-4359 (or 212-683-0710 if the first line busy). If any member address is incorrect, the member should prepare and return a copy of the enclosed UFA Change of Address Form.


Stephen J. Cassidy

Joseph A. Miccio
Recording Secretary