Mighty Quinn: Oct. 13

NY Daily News - October 14, 2009

Mighty would like to issue an apology to the following members of the FDNY Bravest Boxing Team: Devin Powers of Ladder 7; Todd Velten of Ladder 44; Joe Chiodi of Engine 262; John Soukas of Ladder 8; Keith Moran of Ladder 166; Ricky Valazquez of Ladder 2; Ryan Nordman of Ladder 45; John Dreher of Ladder 147; Mike Reno of Engine 33; Edgar Reyes of Engine 44; Jerry Ryan of Engine 281; and John Phillips of Ladder 2.

Here's why:

"Hello, Mighty One, last week you predicted the NYPD Fighting Finest was going to 'ANNIHILATE' the FDNY Bravest Boxing Team in our annual BATTLE OF THE BADGES. Well, the only surprise of that pick was that you could actually spell 'ANNIHILATE' and use it properly in a sentence. But once again, YOU LOSE. The FDNY, after being down three bouts to none, came all the way back and whipped your boys in blue, 7 to 5. It was a great night of boxing and all the bouts were very competitive, but, I do believe, as part of our private wager, you owe the members of the Bravest Boxing Team a public apology. Your pal, Bobby McGuire, president, FDNY Bravest Boxing."

Mighty missed with the Jets (-2-1/2 ) and Rockies Monday night. Today it's Arkansas State. The surplus is 1,105 sirignanos.