New Safety Requirements for Standpipes and Sprinklers

WNYC - October 09, 2009

by Kathleen Horan

NEW YORK, NY - New measures aimed at strengthening the city's requirements for testing standpipes, sprinklers and other safety features at construction sites, have been signed into law. One of the bills' sponsors, Councilman Vincent Gentile, says the protections should have been in effect sooner.

GENTILE: Had that testing been done back in the Deutsche bank building Joey Graffagnino and Bobby Beddia, the firefighters who died may still have been with us.

REPORTER: The firefighters died fighting a fire at the former Deutsche bank building in 2007, where a standpipe that was supposed to deliver water had been disabled. The new laws include a requirement that vacant buildings have a standpipe alarm.

Demolition is about to resume on the remaining 26 floors at the condemned building, across from the World Trade Center site. The construction manager, Bovis Lend Lease, has applied for permits from the city and is expected to get the OK to return to work next week.