In the Year 2525?

NY Post - October 08, 2009


Officials on Tuesday said cleanup work at the former Deutsche Bank building was done and demolition could resume -- but then pushed the completion date back yet again, deep into next year.

Sound familiar? It should.

Here's a brief history of the project:

* Sept. 11, 2001: World Trade Center debris irreparably damages the building.

* December 2006: Demolition of the tower begins, after years of wrangling over who would pay for it. Projected completion date: December 2007.

* August 2007: A blaze at the site claims the lives of two firefighters. Work is halted. Officials expect to resume demolition by November.

* February 2008: Officials say, in effect, the structure must be scrubbed with toothbrushes before work can resume. Projected completion date: December 2008.

* Summer 2008: More delays. Projected completion date: August 2009.

* Spring 2009: More delays. Projected completion date: January 2010.

* August 2009: More delays. Projected completion date: Spring 2010.

* Oct. 6, 2009: Cleanup work finishes. Demolition to begin. Officials announce new, slower work plan. Projected completion date: "Before" December 2010.

Does anyone seriously think that building will ever come down? Ha.