Report Thousands Of 9/11 Trauma Victims Not Being Treated

Chief Leader - October 06, 2009

by Ari Paul

Mayor Bloomberg Sept. 24 released an annual report of 9/11 health which noted that 19,760 rescue and recovery workers participated in World Trade Center health monitoring in Fiscal Year 2009, bringing the total number of responders screened to 42,410.

The report stated that 20 percent of adults enrolled in the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's World Trade Center Health Registry suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder.

5,000 Not Getting Treatment

A mayoral statement said, "The report details how many people with 9/11-related PTSD symptoms are not receiving treatment despite the availability of publicly funded services. Nearly 5,000 WTC Health Registry enrollees who reported PTSD symptoms in 2006-2007 also reported that they hadn't seen a mental health provider in the previous year; approximately half were residents, office workers or persons other than rescue and recovery workers who were in the vicinity of the WTC site on the morning of 9/11. The WTC Environmental Health Center and the WTC Health Registry have begun contacting these individuals directly with Federal funding to refer them to appropriate care."

Health Commissioner Thomas Farley said in a statement, "Since the formation of the WTC Medical Working Group in June 2007, our knowledge of the short-term health effects of 9/11 has come into sharper focus. With this new report, we better understand the longer-term health-care needs of exposed individuals, in particular those who have developed chronic conditions that can seriously affect quality of life." A.P.