East River Floaters Swept Away In Giant Inflatable Swan, Prompting Rescue

NY Post - July 20, 2020

by Natalie O'Neill

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They’re lucky ducks.

Two people floating in the East River on a giant inflatable swan were swept away by a strong current— forcing fire officials to swoop in and save them.

The birdbrained pair was trying to beat the heat on the pool toy Sunday afternoon when they were sucked into the polluted waterway near East 55th Street, the FDNY said in an Instagram post.

Officers learned the passengers had unwittingly sailed into “heavy marine traffic,” dispatched a boat and plucked them from the water at around 3:40 p.m., according to the post.

The unnamed floaters were transported ashore on the FDNY vessel and evaluated by EMS workers, according to the post — which includes a photo of an officer pulling the inflatable swan onto the boat.

“FDNY urges New Yorkers to always take precautions when swimming or entering the water surrounding our city. Only enter the water where swimming is permitted and where lifeguards are on duty,” the FDNY warned.

On Sunday night, one Instagram observer quipped, “That’s ducking nuts” — while another declared, “They were just going with the flow.”