FDNY: Fire at Warehouse Causes Traffic Delay on Bruckner Expressway

News 12 - May 05, 2020

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The FDNY says a fire broke out at a commercial warehouse on Bruckner Boulevard Monday and caused issues for drivers on the Bruckner Expressway.

The fire at La Flor De Mayo Express caused major closures and detours to keep drivers away from the area. The FDNY says the fire started at 1:40 p.m.

At some point, all lanes on the expressway were shut down. Approximately 33 units and 140 firefighters were at the scene, according to the FDNY.

The Fire Department says the wind was certainly a factor. They say a small part of the roof collapsed at some point.

Officials say there was a lot of material inside the building. According to La Flor De Mayo Express’ website, they have been in business since 1934.

The company’s president, Frank Hernandez, says his parents opened up with a dream to offer the best moving and shipping services in the industry.

Community members say they were shocked to see this happen. The FDNY says there were no injuries reported.

It’s not clear who or if anyone was in the building when the fire broke out.

News 12 has reached out to the warehouse and has not heard back yet.