'We are not there yet,' NYC Mayor de Blasio Says, but Also Sees Hope

7 Online - April 07, 2020

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NEW YORK CITY (WABC) -- The number of people who need ventilators has decreased, "buying a few more days" of supply, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Tuesday.

"I am hopeful, but I am not drawing conclusions until I am 100% sure and my health team is 100% sure. But the good news is it is giving us some more time. It is giving us the opportunity to get more ventilators in and know we can get farther into the week. So that's very good news. Just the fact that we know we have bought a few more days and we can absolutely protect lives because ventilators will be there, that's crucial news. We'll have to see in the days ahead if it's something sustained and something that deepens," de Blasio said.

The death toll from coronvirus rose to 4,111 in New York City on Tuesday. Nearly 77,000 have tested positive.