Officials: At Least 11 Injured in Fire at 6-Story Building

News 12 - March 07, 2020

by News 12 Bronx

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First responders rushed at least 11 injured people to the hospital after a fire ripped through a building on West 242nd Street in Fieldston.

Fire crews responded to the scene at 215 W. 242nd St. just after 9 a.m. Friday. Sources tell News 12 that one of the injured people may have caused the fire.

Neighbors tell News 12 that the suspected tenant is known for getting into arguments with others in the building over loud music he plays at all hours of the day. Witnesses say that music was blasting at the time the fire broke out.

That 48-year-old man is one of four people authorities say were seriously injured in the fire and seven others were left with minor injuries. The man remains hospitalized Friday night.

As of right now, no charges have been filed against him. The Red Cross says it is assisting 15 families until they can return home.

Fernando Calle says he was on his way to work when he saw smoking billowing out of his neighbor’s apartment and rushed to get help.

“I went in there and start knocking and hitting the door and no one opened, and I came out and I saw an officer and told him I think there’s a fire there,” says Calle.

Calle says he quickly ran with the officer inside.

“They knocked on the door and they opened it and saw a fire on the floor. It was the beginning luckily,” says Calle.

Video captured people being carried out one after the other. One woman appeared to be unconscious as two people tried to help, before first responders arrived.

The fire is under investigation.