Firefighter Unions Endorse Elizabeth Crowley for Queens Borough President

NY Daily News - February 24, 2020

by Shant Shahrigian

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The Queens borough president’s race is heating up with endorsements from two firefighters’ unions.

The Uniformed Firefighters Association (UFA) and the Uniformed Fire Officers Association (UFOA) are supporting former Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley for the job.

“She is a true friend of working men and women. When the city wanted to close firehouses, Elizabeth led the fight back to keep them open and she won,” UFA President Gerard Fitzgerald said in a Sunday statement. “Her persistence, hard work and tenacity is second to none.”

UFOA boss Jake Lemonda fanned the flames.

“We have stood arm in arm with Elizabeth through the tough battles when those who thought cutting back services was a good idea,” he said. “Elizabeth knew how dangerous this was and together we kept our firehouses going strong.”

Crowley faces Councilmen Costa Constantinides and Donovan Richards in the March 24 special election for Queens BP. All three are Democrats.