Family Searches for Answers after Fatal Unionport Fire

News 12 - February 05, 2020

A Bronx family is searching for answers after losing their loved one in a Unionport fire.

Calvin Ramdin's family says they will never feel whole. "Can't express how I feel, to lose my son like that," said Taramatie Ramdin.

Flames tore through 1103 Olmstead Ave. on Jan 24. Residents were evacuated, but Ramdin was not able to escape the building in time. Ramdin lived in the basement of the home, and it wasn't until the FDNY searched the next day that they found the 39-year-old's body.

Ramdin's sister says he told her about clutter by the doorway in his home and how it was difficult for him to get in and out quickly.

News 12 reached out to the Department of Buildings, which says it received a complaint in 2017 about an illegal conversion at the Unionport home. The department says it was never able to gain access to the property to verify.

Ramdin's family says they are still in shock that their loved one is gone. They say they can't help but think that he could've been saved. They say they would like to know when the fire broke out and why no one thought to make sure Ramdin got out as well.

News 12 also reached out to the property owners but has not heard back yet.