Dispute Erupts During Blaze in Bronx Building, 2 Arrested

1010 Wins - September 05, 2019

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) -- Two people are under arrest after a dispute with NYPD that occurred while firefighters were battling a blaze in a Bronx building on Tuesday.

CBS2 reports that police were trying to keep people from getting into FDNY's way and residents refused to listen and move, causing a fight.

“I noticed the smell of smoke from the train station… my panic knowing my little sisters live here, my brother lives here, ran straight to the house they told me to leave the building. I couldn’t see inside of the building cause it was straight smoke," Danny Rodriguez told CBS2.

Rodriguez’s brother Angelo Rodriguez, 18, was arrested.

Their mother, Raquel Dejesus, 39, was also arrested after police say she tore an officer’s body camera off and threw it on the ground.

“Me and my brother looking for my mom, panicked, we get to the middle of the street and I look back and see my brother and another neighbor getting pushed by the officers… ‘get to the sidewalk, get to the sidewalk’. As soon as my brother refused the officers started pushing my brother,” Rodriguez added”.

Two city sheriffs and five firefighters suffered minor injuries including smoke inhalation and were taken to a hospital.

“It was a very advanced fire on the top floor it takes a long time for us to get all our equipment up there to fight the fire,” FDNY Deputy Chief Joe Donlevy said.