Political Action: Albany Update

UFANYC.org - June 23, 2019

The UFA Executive Board would first and foremost like to thank our members who participated in the recent Lobby Days, especially those that took the time to visit and/or get in contact with their elected leaders.

Thank you to both the New York State Senate & Assembly for passing our Cancer “Look-Back” Bill this week. Special thanks to Brooklyn Senator Andrew Gounardes & Bronx Assembly Member Karines Reyes, who sponsored the bills in their respective houses.

Both houses passed our bill unanimously. The bill, along with our Widow’s Cola Bill, will be sent to Governor Andrew Cuomo to be signed into law.

While not all of our legislation was successful this session, we recognize the great turnout in both DC and Albany. The support of our membership is crucial, and your presence did not go unnoticed. We appreciate our members sacrificing their time to turn out for political action events, and are grateful for your continued efforts.

On behalf of the UFA Executive Board, we once again express our gratitude for your dedication and support.


Gerard Fitzgerald

Robert Eustace
Recording Secretary